Bold and confident men, thanks to testosterone

Safety, audacity and great competition, a typical feature of men who have large quantities of testosterone

Even among the male universe of mankind, there are dominant males, just like in animals. In fact, women have confident, daring men at their disposal, always in competition with everyone and others who are quietly on the sidelines. Why this character different? Maybe it’s the fault of the environment in which the different males were born? Maybe, but not only. According to new research conducted by Wayne State University, the direct response would be a hormone, the male one par excellence: testosterone.

And it is these «masks», all hormones that always play a dominant role in a competitive situation to attract women to themselves.

The study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, shows that in the stereotyped vision of the «big man» that is seen in the films and reads in the books there can be something true, but that can always be associated with the more or less high levels of testosterone.

Because of this, many men were filmed during a courtship of an attractive young woman. It was thus possible to note that testosterone measured before the «competition» had an influence on the interaction with others. It was much more likely than those who had registered higher levels would more easily crush the other suitor to reach the set goal: to win in love. But the incredible aspect was the positive influence it also had on women. Almost as if the woman was able to measure her hormone level.

«Our findings indicate that testosterone is associated anavar hubei en venta en espana with dominance and success behaviors when men compete for the attention of an attractive woman, particularly when men also have a strong conscious desire for social dominance,» explains Richard Slatcher, author of the study.

And here is revealed the mystery of «luck» in love. Apparently a little more hormones are enough to win in love. It is a pity that the study does not explain if this man manages to get on with a couple relationship, or tries to compete again with another woman. You know, hormones are not controlled …